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Puppy Socialization

Once your pup has received it’s second set of shots, you want to ensure your puppy is having positive and fun interactions with other dogs and people. This will help prevent fear or aggression in the future.

This is why puppy socialization classes are a great way to ensure your pup is receiving safe and positive socialization skills in a controlled environment.

What’s included:

  • Positive and safe interactions
  • Puppy play time
  • Opportunity to learn about canine body language and communication
  • Trainer will always be refereeing safe play and will match playmates according to energy levels

BabyDog is TomeyK9’s sister company and we┬árun our programs hand in hand, join us at any one of our next classes!


What’s Required Before Attending

  • Must provide proof of FIRST and SECOND sets of vaccinations to attend first class

  • Puppy is under 8 months old

  • Please note: max 4 puppies per class

$11.55 / Class

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