About Us

Tomey K9 Services was founded in 2014, and as of 2018 merged together with Baby Dog.

We at Tomey K9 Services believe that the most effective way to communicate with your dog is through motivation and praise.

Our training services are personalized to your individual needs and led by our amazing team of trainers. We are committed to being flexible to your schedule, helping you reach your goals, and providing exemplary service before, during, and after your training.

Tomey K9 Services is very passionate about dogs and is excited to help other Victoria canine lovers with all their training needs.

Dave Tomey
Dave TomeyMaster Trainer
Dave is a Certified Master Dog Trainer, having completed his training at Canada West Canine Center in Salmon Arm, BC. He is certified in all facets of basic and advanced obedience, socialization, utility training, protection training, tracking, scent work and temperament testing. He is also DogSafe Canine First Aid certified.
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Aviva Shtull
Aviva ShtullMaster Trainer
Aviva completed a very hands on and thorough 2 year dog training apprenticeship with now retired dog trainer Heather Barron. She continues to educate herself by collaborating with other trainers and constant professional development. She follows many techniques and philosophies from trainers such as, but not limited to Dr. Ian Dunbar, Stanley Coren and Turid Rugaas. Aviva is Certified in Canine First Aid, Cross Cultural Communication, Non-Violent Communication Facilitation, and Violence Prevention.
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Ruth Kasasian
Ruth KasasianHead Trainer
Ruth started with BabyDog as a volunteer, and progressed through a very thorough and hands-on training apprenticeship for two years. She’s now a skilled and compassionate trainer with a particular flair for engaging children and dogs.
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Emma Cilliers
Emma CilliersTrainer
Emma has been involved with animals for as long as she can remember. She has worked in the pet industry for 8 years, as a dog daycare attendant and as a veterinary technician. Emma is a graduate from the International Academy of Canine Trainers.
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Danika Postle
Danika PostleTrainer
Danika’s goal in dog training is to make sure that the bond between owner and dog always comes first. She is caring, empathetic, and passionate about the well-being and happiness of dogs and owners alike. She wants to help you and your pup work through any challenges you may encounter, and have a ton of fun in the process.
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Alysha Ewing
Alysha EwingTrainer
Alysha is passionate about dogs and finds a great deal of joy and satisfaction in helping you and your dog learn and grow.

Alysha is well educated in dog behaviour and training, she has her dog training certification through CATCH Canine Trainers Academy and also did an extensive apprenticeship through BabyDog and TomeyK9 Services.

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Karin Waugh
Karin WaughTrainer
Karin, born and raised in Victoria, has always been destined to live a life surrounded by dogs. At age 14, she worked and saved her own money to purchase her first Bernese Mountain Dog. From there, the passion for all things “dog” had begun.
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SarahOperations Manager
Sarah, our Operations Manager, started at BabyDog in 2015 as volunteer in our puppy socialization classes. Her varied professional background includes working in Canine Hydrotherapy & Rehabilitation, Management and the Mental Health field. Sarah strives to bring the best services and programs to clients seeking training help with their pup by organizing, monitoring and managing daily operations within the company.
Jessica is our all-around Videographer, photographer, editor. She has been into photography and video professionally since 2013 After graduating from Film school. With love for nature, wildlife and people. She has worked with a wide variety of companies and people from across the world and has filmed in some of the most beautiful places on the planet. She is passionate about capturing a story, an idea, an experience, and sharing that with the world through videos and photos. Her keen eye allows her to capture dog behaviours and educational content for our clients.
Owen Marshall
Owen MarshallIT and Human Resources
Owen Marshall has been involved with TomeyK9 Services for many years helping with website creation and maintenance. He then joined the TomeyK9 and BabyDog team full time in 2020 to help automate our registration and booking systems. He has since been able to automate so much of what we do behind the scenes which helps the trainers focus on what they do best, which is training!
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