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Ruth Kasasian – Trainer

Ruth is a home grown west coaster. She moved to Victoria in the spring of 2013, after having previously spent two and a half years in Alberta where she worked for Veterinary Simulator Industries and volunteered for AARCS rescue shelter.

Ruth started with BabyDog in June 2016 as a volunteer and quickly moved into a full time position. She is DogSafe Canine First Aid certified and has now completed a two year dog training apprenticeship under the careful guidance and teaching of Aviva Shtull.

Ruth helps run regular Socialization Classes, the Shy Socialization class, Socialization Obedience Pack Walks, and Group Obedience Classes. Ruth also does one on one private training where she specializes in basic obedience training and canine behaviour. She focuses on seeing small details in human and canine body language to determining what the clients can do differently to inspire their dogs to listen, focus and learn. Her training style is interactive, fun, and full of games. You will find her particularly drawn to working with shy and timid dogs, as well as working with kids, teaching them appropriate and fun ways to train and engage in constructive play.

Ruth is dedicated to making all training with BabyDog a positive, gentle, and fun experience for both pup and owner. She strives to give you the tools to develop, brick by brick, a solid, loving, and strong relationship built on guidance and understanding.