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Danika Postle – Trainer

Danika loves working with both dogs and people, and aims to help dog owners ditch the struggle and instead find a sense of peace with their pups. She is a scientist at heart: constantly curious, and fascinated by the canine brain and its phenomenal capacity for communication, learning, and behavioural complexity. She found her life and career changed by a rescue dog, and she thoroughly understands the joys and challenges of raising a high energy puppy.

Her desire to become a trainer began as a Babydog/Tomey K9 client, as she quickly became enthralled with the sense of community and expertise that she encountered while attending their classes. They inspired her to dive into research on canine body language, and the science behind positive reinforcement training. She started to volunteer avidly with the company and relished the learning that came with this opportunity. After completing the Professional Trainer Program at the West Coast Canine Academy, where she worked with her own dog and dozens of others in a hands-on approach to training, she was so excited and inspired to come on board with the Babydog/Tomey k9 team as an apprentice dog trainer!

She has since completed an intense apprenticeship, shadowing and learning from her fellow trainers, and now runs a number of socialization and obedience classes. Danika has taken on the dog walking services for Babydog and Tomey K9, and has had particularly marked success in helping to rehabilitate leash-reactive dogs during her one-on-one training walks, as well as helping a multitude of dogs learn to walk confidently and calmly in a group.

Danika’s warm, empathetic personality helps both owners and dogs feel at ease, and her classes are engaging, fun, and effective. Her aim is for dog owners to learn about and celebrate their dogs’ strengths, and to find ways to have fun with their canine companions. She wants to help you lose the frustration, and focus instead on strengthening the bond and the conversation between yourself and your dog.