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Aviva Shtull – Professional Dog Trainer

In the early 2000’s Aviva lived in Mexico where she took dogs into her home, worked to rehabilitate them and find them new homes. She has now fostered well over 30 rescued dogs herself, personally adopting three of them and finding loving homes for the rest. Aviva has and continues to be involved in canine community education, rehabilitation, socialization, fostering for a number of different rescues, spay and neuter campaigns and much more. She cannot think of a better career than helping educate new dog owners, providing safe opportunities for dogs to socialize, and training their families and the dogs to understand and respect one another.

Having completed a very hands on and thorough 2 year dog training apprenticeship with now retired dog trainer Heather Barron, Aviva continues to educate herself by collaborating with other trainers and constant professional development. She follows many techniques and philosophies from trainers such as, but not limited to Dr. Ian Dunbar, Stanley Coren and Turid Rugaas. Aviva is Certified in Canine First Aid, Cross Cultural Communication, Non-Violent Communication Facilitation, and Violence Prevention.

Aviva focuses on helping dog owners understand what they need to do in order to create humane, respectful, and clear communication between them and their dog. The overarching goal for each client is to create a sense of a team between a dog and their family. She absolutely loves her job and will do all she can to help you achieve your goals of having a dream dog, ‘a dog you can take anywhere’.