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Basic Obedience Program

Our five-week basic obedience program is the perfect starting point for you and your dog.

The program runs once a week for five weeks in a group or private setting. Your dog will learn the basic commands which include loose leash walking, impulse control, recall, down, watch me and more.

Obedience training will set your dog up for success and will make them the loyal, obedient and respectful dog you have always wanted.


Held one hour per week for five weeks at the Bosley’s Eagle Creek location. This is a great opportunity for your canine companion to learn the basic commands with minor distractions and provides some extra socialization.

$249 – Tax Included

  • July19Thursday
    Group Basic Obedience Program
    6:30 pm - 7:30 pmBosley's By Pet Valu, 19 Helmcken Rd #120, Victoria, BC V8Z 5G5, Canada
  • August14Tuesday
    Group Basic Obedience Program
    6:30 pm - 7:30 pmBosley's By Pet Valu, 19 Helmcken Rd #120, Victoria, BC V8Z 5G5, Canada
  • August18Saturday
    Group Basic Obedience Program
    12:45 pm - 1:45 pmBosley's By Pet Valu, 491 Burnside Rd E, Victoria, BC V8T 2X3, Canada
  • August30Thursday
    Group Basic Obedience Program
    6:30 pm - 7:30 pmBosley's By Pet Valu, 19 Helmcken Rd #120, Victoria, BC V8Z 5G5, Canada


Held one hour per week for five weeks, but in the comfort of your home. We work through the curriculum with you one-on-one, on a day and time that works best for your schedule.

$349 – Tax Included

Reservation for Private Basic Obedience Program

Intermediate Obedience Program

The focus of this course is to take what you have learned from the basic obedience program and introduce real life distractions. This will teach your dog to maintain focus on it’s handler, while being distracted with everyday events.

Calling your dog back to you and getting them to heel in public areas is also introduced. This is a five-week program that is done at a location of your choice (park, school, trail etc).


$349 – Tax Included

Reservation for Private Intermediate Obedience Program

Advanced Obedience Program

Want to take your dog for off-leash runs or hikes?

Our advanced obedience program challenges your canine to pay even closer attention to its owner and to perform commands with a more complex approach.

In the advanced program we work with you and your canine once-a-week for five weeks in a setting of your choice. We work on off-leash and hand signal training. Some commands include off-leash heel and recall.

This course will allow you to have the ultimate feeling of trust with your canine all while learning in a positive and fun atmosphere.


$349 – Tax Included

Reservation for Private Advanced Obedience Program

Custom Training Session

Looking for a more customizable approach for your dog’s training? Only available outside of work hours?

Our Custom training sessions are all about being flexible with your schedule. We provide one-on-one behavioral training and basic/advanced command instruction. We come to you, and meet at a convenient location of your choice.

If you need a more personalized approach to your dog’s training or simply have a busy schedule, our custom sessions are right for you.

$95/hour – Tax Included

Reservation for Private Training

Puppy Socialization

Socializing your puppy is one of the most important things you want to get started on when bringing home your new family member.

Starting at 8 weeks old you want to ensure your pups are having positive and fun interactions with other dogs and people. This will help prevent fear or aggression in the future.

This is why puppy socialization classes are a great way to ensure your pup is receiving safe and positive socialization skills in a controlled environment.

What’s included:

  • Positive and safe interactions
  • Puppy play time
  • Everyone will get a chance to play with all of the other pups and swap tips with their owners
  • Trainer will always be refereeing safe play and will match playmates according to energy levels

Tomey K9 Services has teamed up with Baby Dog for it’s puppy socialization classes held at various Bosley’s Stores in Victoria.

$10 per hour

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