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About Us

We at Tomey K9 Services believe that the most effective way to communicate with your dog is through motivation and praise.

Our training services are personalized to your individual needs and led by Dave, our own Certified Master Dog Trainer. We are committed to being flexible to your schedule, helping you reach your goals, and providing exemplary service before, during, and after your training.

Tomey K9 Services is very passionate about dogs and is excited to help other Victoria canine lovers with all their training needs.

Dave Tomey
Dave TomeyOwner

Tomey K9 services was founded in 2014 and is owned and operated by Dave Tomey.

Dave is a Certified Master Dog Trainer, having completed his training at Canada West Canine Center in Salmon Arm, BC. He is certified in all facets of basic and advanced obedience, socialization, utility training, protection training, tracking, scent work and temperament testing. He is also DogSafe Canine First Aid certified.

Dave was inspired to get into the dog training industry by his dog, Ellie-May. He socialized and trained her from a young age and then had to repeat all of her training again after a serious leg injury. In the process, he adapted traditional techniques to personalize his training around Ellie’s injury, and also worked extensively with her as part of his certification program. As a result, Ellie has completed all of her basic and advanced obedience and is also trained in protection work, scent detection, and tracking.

Dave also owns two blue nose pit bulls (Ellie-May & Jax) and is very passionate about spreading awareness of how fun, loving and loyal pit bulls really are. He volunteers with Flirting with Fido, a local rescue agency, and donates his time to help their rescues get a head start on obedience training before they find a new home.